Welcome to my quiet space for my reader. This space was created to help those who go through a traumatic situation and needs a place to express their thoughts and idea.

Let me tell you about myself, my name is Marilyn, I am a former daycare provider and I have experience with children who have some form of trauma such as emotional and physical abuse and special needs. I have 20 years of experience and in those years I have learned that children are seen but not heard in our society. So I have developed relationships with children by talking to them and just getting in tune with them. By getting in tune with children, it is like getting in tune with yourself. This is why I created this space, every adult has an inner child that is being ignored and needs to come out and be heard. Sometimes we have a lot of distractions that help in ignoring our inner voice that wants to be heard but this is the space to help that child within. Our soul can be heard through meditation, yoga, or just in that quiet space.

Meditation is to explore the mind and get connecting to ourselves. Yoga is to explore the body and get connected to our physical body on how it moves and where you are blocked. Singing Bowls is exploring our soul, it tunes into the frequency and feeling of how our spirit moves. This is a space for healing and self-development. We are always continually evolving into different and better versions of ourselves, So this is the space to evolve.

By connecting the dots around us it helps to create a picture of the world we live in. Remember we are all connected. So welcome to my quiet space for your mind, body, and soul.